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PLEA 2024 conference in Wroclaw, Poland

Date: 25-28 June 2024

Conference theme: “(Re)thinking resilience”

Venue: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Long paper submission deadline: closed

More details here: https://plea2024.pl/

About PLEA

PLEA is an organisation engaged in a worldwide discourse on sustainable architecture and urban design through annual international conferences, workshops and publications.

It has a membership of several thousand professionals, academics and students from over 40 countries.

Participation in PLEA activities is open to all whose work deals with architecture and the built environment, who share our objectives and who attend PLEA events.

PLEA stands for “Passive and Low Energy Architecture”, a commitment to the development, documentation and diffusion of the principles of bioclimatic design and the application of natural and innovative techniques for sustainable architecture and urban design.

PLEA serves as an open, international, interdisciplinary forum to promote high quality research, practice and education in environmentally sustainable design.

PLEA is an autonomous, non-profit association of individuals sharing the art, science, planning and design of the built environment.

PLEA pursues its objectives through international conferences and workshops; expert group meetings and consultancies; scientific and technical publications; and architectural competitions and exhibitions.