Reports of PLEA Small Projects 

In 2018, PLEA starts to support PLEA Associate to launch small research projects that align with the objectives of PLEA and could benefit the PLEA community.

The reports of completed PLEA small projects can be downloaded below.

PLEA Notes

In 1996, PLEA initiated the publication of a series of PLEA notes: inexpensive but authoritative texts on various technical topics, primarily intended for students, to assist their development and competence.

PLEA Notes can be downloaded – click on the links below

PLEA Note 1: Solar Geometry
S.V. Szokolay
45 pp
PLEA Note 2: Thermal Insulation
A. Zöld and S.V. Szokolay
66 pp
PLEA Note 3: Thermal Comfort
A. Auliciems and S.V. Szokolay
66 pp
PLEA Note 4: Daylighting
A. Majoros
76 pp
PLEA Note 5: Climate Analysis
M. Docherty and S.V. Szokolay
56 pp
PLEA Note 6: Keeping Cool, Principles to avoid Overheating in Buildings
Pablo La Roche, Carlos Quiros, Gaudy Bravo, Eduardo Gonzalez, Maria Machado
60 pp