Since 1982 PLEA has organised international conferences and events across the globe. This page provides access to details of recent conferences and a comprehensive list of all conferences held to date.

NEXT Conference

2024@Wroclaw, Poland
(Re)thinking resilience
25-28 June 2024

PAST Conferences

Will cities survive? The future of sustainable buildings and urbanism in the age of emergency
22-25 November 2022

2020@A Coruña, Spain
Planning Post Carbon Cities
1-3 September 2020

2018@Hong Kong, China
Smart and Healthy within the 2-degree Limit
10-12 December 2018

2017@Edinburgh, UK
Passive Low Energy Architecture – Design to Thrive
3-5 July 2017

2016@Los Angeles, USA
Cities, Buildings, People: Towards Regenerative Environments
11-13 July 2016

2015@Bologna, Italy
Architecture in (R)evolution
9-11 September 2015

2014@Ahmedabad, India
Sustainable Habitat for Developing Societies
16-18 December 2014

2013@Munich, Germany
Sustainable Architecture for a Renewable Future
10-12 September 2013

2012@Lima, Peru
Towards an Environmentally Responsible Architecture
7-9 November 2012

2011@Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Architecture and Sustainable Development
13-15 July 2011

2009@Québec, Canada
Architecture, Energy and the Occupant’s Perspective
22-24 June 2009

2008@Dublin, Ireland
Towards Zero Energy Building
22-24 October 2008

Sun, Wind and Architecture
22-24 November 2007

2006@Geneva, Switzerland
Clever Design, Affordable Comfort: A Challenge for Low Energy Architecture and Urban Planning
6-8 September 2006

2005@Beirut, Lebanon
Environmental Sustainability: The Challenge of Awareness in Developing Societies
13-16 November 2005

2004@Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Built Environments and Environmental Buildings
19-22 September 2004

2003@Santiago, Chile
Rethinking Development: Are We Producing a People-oriented Habitat?
9-12 November 2003

2002@Toulouse, France
Design with the Environment

2001@Florianópolis, Brazil
Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Development of the Built Environment
7-9 November 2001

2000@Cambridge, UK
Architecture, City, Environment
2-5 July 2000

1999@Brisbane, Australia
Sustaining the Future: Energy-Ecology-Architecture

1998@Lisbon, Portugal
Environmentally Friendly Cities

1997@Kushiro, Japan
Sustainable Communities and Architecture: Bioclimatic Design in Cold Climates

1996@Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Building and Urban Renewal

1995@New Delhi, India
Sustainability through Climate Responsive Architecture

1994@Dead Sea, Israel
Architecture of the Extremes

1992@Auckland, New Zealand
Architectural Responses to Climate Change

1991@Sevilla, Spain
Architecture and Urban Space

1990@Halifax, Canada
Bioclimatic Design in Architecture and Planning

1989@Nara, Japan
Global Environment and Architecture in the Post-industrial Age

1988@Porto, Portugal
Energy and Buildings for Temperate Climates

1986@Pécs, Hungary
Passive and Low Energy Architecture in Housing

1985@Venice, Italy
Architecture and Regionalism

Passive and Low Energy Ecotechniques Applied to Housing

Passive and Low Energy Architecture

Passive and Low Energy Alternatives

Meeting to inaugurate PLEA


Other Events

1999: Symposium on Urban Futures, Melbourne, Australia
1995: PLEA Session at ISES Conference, Harare, Zimbabwe
1995: Teachers in Architecture (Co-sponsored with TIA), Firenze, Italy
1993: PLEA Session at ISES Conference, Budapest, Hungary
1993: Solar Energy and Buildings (Co-sponsored with the Academy of Athens & the European Commission), Athens, Greece
1991: PLEA Study Tour, Arizona, USA