Honorary Fellow – Jeremy McLeod

Jeremy McLeod
Co-founder and Design Director of Breathe Architecture


Jeremy MCLEOD is the founding Director of Breathe Architecture, a team of dedicated Architects that have built a reputation for delivering high quality design and sustainable Architecture for all scale projects. Breathe Architecture has been focusing on sustainable urbanisation and in particular have been investigating how to deliver more affordable urban housing to Melbournians. Mr MCLEOD is the Recipient of the 2018 Victorian Chapter, the President’s Prize and received the 2016 Leadership in Sustainability Prize at the Australian Institute of Architects.

Breathe were the instigators of The Commons housing project in Brunswick and now are collaborating with other Melbourne Architects to deliver the Nightingale Model. Nightingale is intended to be an open source housing model led by Architects. Mr MCLEOD believes that architects, through collaboration, can drive real positive change in this city we call home.


  • Nightingale 1
  • The Commons
  • Transformer restaurant

Nightingale 1, Breathe Architecture, Australia

Nightingale 1 is the inaugural project of the Nightingale model — a replicable, triple bottom line housing model with an overarching priority towards social, economic and environmental sustainability. The design strategy was to build more with less, adopting an honest material palette and placing emphasis on reduction. The project was about building a place that people wanted to live in. At its heart, Nightingale is all about people. Its architecture serves as a catalyst to unite a group with similar values and build community.

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