Ulrike PASSE (PLEA Director)

Ulrike Passe is a Professor of Architecture at Iowa State University and an architect by training. She is an internationally recognized scholar of building science with specific emphasis on natural ventilation and on integrative sustainable design strategies.

Her book Designing Spaces for Natural Ventilation (2015), co-authored with Francine Battaglia is used across the world.

Her projects include the Interlock House built for the 2009 US DOE Solar Decathlon, the Iowa NSF EPSCoR building science plank 2011 to 2016, and the Sustainable Cities Research Group, founded 2015 at ISU to expand her research towards urban environmental modeling is currently funded by a $2.5 mio NSF INFEWS grant (with PI Jan Thompson) and a $1.2mio Smart and Connected Communities grant to develop a localized heat health emergency alert system.

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